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Project Management

Project management at LOFTech is pivotal to our success. The key to project management in our engineering department is built into our mission statement.  We “Do what we say and say what we do.”  Continual communication plays a key role as we collaborate in the design to ultimately solve your specific application.  Our teams will work with you to confirm that your requirements are met in the overall machine or fixture design, its expected output, and the time frame in which we can make it happen.

Seamless project management in our machining and fabrication department is expected by our customers.  We are able to achieve these results through constant communication between managers, machinists, and the customer.  Delivering high quality parts on schedule is our goal every time.  As a part moves through the shop, it will be checked by multiple sets of eyes, through CAM programming, and at the fabrication level to ensure machinability.


Our machinists' attention to detail is impeccable as they will ask the right questions ahead of time if they believe a change is needed.  We will always provide you with red-lined prints if any modifications are necessary.  In the end, we will work with you to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your product.

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