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  • Zac Owens

LOFTech Updates Machining Arsenal

In the tradition of continuous improvement, LOFTech has added multiple new machines to its lineup in the last few months.  These new tools allow us to better serve our customers by allowing us to be more efficient in our machining processes.  The new arrivals include:

  1. Haas VF-2SS Mill (15k spindle)

  2. Sodick VL400Q EDM

  3. Laser Marking Technologies Cobalt XL Laser (50W)

This laser is LOFech’s first stab into the world of laser engraving and etching.  The service of marking parts has become very popular among our customers, and we are now able to offer an in-house solution for these needs. The new mill and EDM will increase the capacity and overall efficiency in which we are able to produce high quality parts.  The chips are flying!


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